About Us

Company Established

Appsetter was founded and establish by a group of person executive management with extensive experience in ERP Services and Manufacturing industry. AppSetter establishes to meet the rapid business change for customer’s demand in the region.
Our team is the most experience and professionally recognized in the ERP industry. Most of our resources have 10+ years experience with the industry End-to-End implementation and Cost Management including serve the Clients and Management with an effective information.
From our experience, we understand the needs of users, the lacking of critical information. “Our People” – The most trusted consulting service from AppSetter, will help and answer you.

Vision Statement

To fulfill the Information Technology utilization of our clients and make them accomplish Competitive Advantage

Mission Statement

We will encourage for ERP people to take advantage from existing tools & support solutions to fully utilize your information for decision making

Our Business

Our Manufacturing Implementation Experience and the Implementation Methodology are the key success factors that we provided to our valued customers. We know well about the natures of manufacturing and their business processes therefore we are very confident that our experience will be delivered good services to customer.

Business model and service

  • Software installation and Configuration
  • End-to-End implementation and Training
  • Cost Consulting Professional Services with processes and methodologies
  • Project Management Services
  • Special customization services with ad-hoc reports

Our Mission

We bring success to our clients, continuously contribute toward enhancing their corporate value, care for people and deliver results through innovation.

Our Vision

Once a partner and forever after, we shall be your Real Partner. Asian in origin but global in scope, we are not bound by any one stereotypical globalization strategy. Instead, we take the utmost advantage of the characteristics of the client and locate.

Why Choose Us?

AppSetter team comprised of highly experienced consultants from top consulting and IT implementation consulting firms who have many years’ experience in the implementation of enterprise IT solutions for top companies in Thailand.

We have experience in

  • Industries
  • Business Processes
  • Advisory & Consultancy
  • Solution & Technology
  • Successful Delivery
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Change Management
  • Innovative Thinkers
  • Work Smart
  • Problems Solver
  • Respect Others
  • Positive Thinking
  • Professional

Implementation experiences

Implementation is the process of configuring the system and training our customers to produce the results your bought the system for. We’ve designed our implementation process to ensure our customer are completely empowered to use the system themselves when the project is done.

Our implementation team has over 10 years of experience implementing ERP system and below is the sample business that we expert in 

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Consumer
  • Garment
  • Other

Meet the Team

Few things make us as happy as seeing our clients years later living out the dreams we once spoke of and designed strategies to fulfill.

Marisa Sahapornudomkarn

  • 20 Years in IT Developer
  • 12 Years in Technical Consultant
  • 20 Years in ERP Software

Sarawoot Lamlert

  • 24 Years in Manufacturing & IT
  • 15 Years in Business Consultant
  • 15 Years in ERP Software

Kannapas Sakulsakpinit

  • 24 Years in Accounting & Finance
  • 6 Years in Business Consultant
  • 15 Years in ERP Software

Jueathip Charoenlapanant

  • 12 Years in Planning
  • 10 Years in Business Consultant
  • 10 Years in ERP Software

Puntipa Prachai

  • 12 Years in IT
  • 7 Years in Business Consultant
  • 12 Years in ERP Software

Pitipong Jaipin

  • 10 Years in Business Consultant
  • 10 Years in ERP Software

Sirinun Hattasan

  • 6 Years in IT
  • 3 Years in Business Consultant
  • 6 Years in ERP Software

Prajjaya Navaraj

  • 30 Years in IT Developer
  • 3 Years in Technical Consultant
  • 15 Years in ERP Software

Yuttana Suttipong

  • 15 Years in all area of IT
  • 10 Years in Technical Consultant
  • 10 Years in ERP Software

Areerat Chairatyaporn

  • 10 Years in IT
  • 6 Years in Technical Consultant
  • 7 Years in ERP Software

Manit Panduang

  • 6 Years in IT
  • 4 Years in Technical Consultant
  • 4 Years in ERP Software

Sorawit Suksomjit

  • 3 Years in IT
  • 3 Years in Business Consultant
  • 3 Years in ERP Software